Darden Supporting in Time of Need

There are very few businesses that are genuinely concerned about the welfare of their workers. Many companies would rather focus their attention on elaborate publicity stunt under the pretext of corporate social responsibility. While this is rather disappointing, there are a handful of companies that are holistically committed to the welfare of their employees and have developed an impeccable employee relations culture that is unequivocally devoted to improving conditions of employees while relieving the harshness of the many unforeseen and unfavorable circumstances life throws their way.

Darden dimes program is an initiative of Darden Company. The program is centered on promoting the overall wellbeing of employees by giving financial assistance to employees in distress. The Darden dimes initiative is an employee funded initiative that requires each employee to contribute 45 cents weekly with the outlook of providing a shoulder to lean on for employees in emergency situations. The program provides substantial emergency funds for employees while fostering cooperation and togetherness that reinforces the need for the fundamental principle of love.

The Darden dimes program has provided immeasurable support to employees, offering unwavering assistance top employees in distress. Darden’s emergency assistance fund for employees offered monetary support to twenty seven employees that suffered power outage for ten days due to an intense storm flood. Each employee received $200 endowments to restock food in refrigerators which would have been spoilt due to the power outage. With the help of an organize team, food was made available to employees that were affected by the light outage. This and many more situations of this nature of been effectively mitigated with the help of the Daren Dime project.

The efficacy of the Daren dime project is archetypal of an incredibly strong business ethic that is people oriented. with a staggering donation of $1.6 million in 2015 which provided for an estimated 2,800 endowments, the Daren dime project has set an unparalleled feat in employee relations and working conditions through a business culture that support one another in time of need.