Prince Harry working to Alleviate HIV

Prince Harry, on his quest to alleviate the spread of HIV around the globe, paid a homely visit to the British capital city in one of the sexual health charity center on Tuesday, November 15 to carry out his HIV awareness campaign.

The noble Prince Harry who turned 32 this year was welcomed by NAZ workers, an organization that offers help and counsels for minority ethnic communities in London.

His major campaign is to prevent the depression and negativities that take over HIV victims. Few minutes after he arrived at Hurlingham Club in Western London, he kicked off with his awareness campaign. However, among the Joyful Noise Choir members, only five HIV victims were willing to take pictures with him, but after spurring the atmosphere with his speech, telling them why they need to face the challenge and stop hiding, a lot of them started responding and others were very willing to join in the photograph.

Harry gave some insightful statement during his tour in London, he stressed that he wouldn’t want to be talking about the same issue in the next ten years. He made it very clear, that it was possible to achieve this change in two or three years. It was obvious from his statement that many parents often share stories of their kids having one chronic illness or the other but are unable to talk when their child have HIV. Unfortunately, the more they keep quiet about this, the more perilous this situation becomes, ‘according to Harry’.

“Thirty years ago it was pretty much a death sentence…” this statement was more like a reminiscent owing to the fact that a lot of sacrifices, battles, and pains have gone down the road for the sake of fighting a just course to eradicate HIV. Harry continued by saying that there is a huge set of individuals who are unaware of the severity of their problem, and of course, the world needs to hear this directly from those individuals, not Prince Harry.

His speech really inspired most of the members; it was incredible even for Harry as he motivated members who simply required nothing more than that to bounce back. Marion Wadibia, the charity’s chief executive commented how impactful the visit have been for the charity center, he stressed that if he can possibly inspire this large group in four minutes, then a good turnaround can be achieved in two years.