UPS is making wishes into a life changing reality

Corporate social responsibility is crucial to the continuous success of any profit making organization. Over the years many big organization have used corporate social responsibility as a tool to generate immeasurable goodwill from target publics in ways that transform business into a major success. UPS Company is not left out from this compassionate practice that allows for very corporations to give back to the communities that continually propels their success. The annual wishes delivered campaign is by UPS stands out remarkably with far-reaching coverage. The global scale initiative by Ups imparts the lives of diverse people from across the globe while making fantasy a reality for many communities. The annual wishes delivered campaign adopted a new approach involving employees. Employees submit their wishes for the various communities they work in and Ups make this wish into a reality.

Also utilizing social platforms like Facebook, twitter, instagram and so on, the annual Wishes Delivered campaign donates money to charities in a collaborative effort to reach out to many less privileged lives. With every wish that is shared on any social platform with the view of creating magical experiences that celebrates and supports people.

UPS reached a herculean feat in CSR with the “annual wishes delivered campaign”. The initiative has rewarded many deserving individuals and organizations that were otherwise neglected and unappreciated while creating magical experiences and touching lives intimately. Since its inception in 2014, the “wishes delivered” campaign has imparted the lives of worthy people that were forgotten. The “Book Smart foundation” founded by Mr. Robert. J. Brown, who happens to be a former civil right activist, has a received donations of books for children in Africa. The initiative also partnered with The St. Bernard Project to return 91-year-old Aurora Gonzales to her home in San Marcos, TX, after a devastating flood washed it away.

Similarly, a driver Carson fulfilled his dream of making some deserving kids UPS drivers for the day to deliver gifts to others in need. All of these and innumerable instances illustrates the implacable commitment of UPS to affect the lives of millions of people across the globe in positive way.

UPS is focusing its attention on the holiday season with the intent of assuaging the discomfort of holiday shopping and delivery. The thoughtful initiative is designed to address some of the most complex shipping difficulties with the view of improving conditions that helps create memorable moments.