NFL Player Damar Hamlin Signs First Equity Deal with FinTech B Generous to Revolutionize Charitable Giving

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 4, 2023  — B Generous, the world’s leading credit provider to donors and nonprofits, announced today a partnership with NFL player Damar Hamlin. This groundbreaking collaboration aims to transform the world of fundraising by further elevating the cutting-edge “Donate Now Pay Later” technology developed by B Generous, benefiting non-profit organizations worldwide. B Generous earned a spot on Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas List for 2023 and recently won the PayTech for Good Award by FinTech Futures for their “Donate Now Pay Later” product.

Damar Hamlin, an esteemed NFL player known for his exceptional talent and philanthropic endeavors, has joined forces with B Generous to create a powerful alliance. With a shared vision of making a positive impact on society, this joint venture seeks to revolutionize the way non-profit organizations raise funds and connect with their supporters. As part of the initiative, Damar Hamlin will take a stake in the company and work with B Generous’ executive team to provide strategic guidance and innovate future offerings that work towards the company’s long term goals. Effective today, Damar will begin to help further the goal of increasing capital and cash flow for non-profits, while making donating more accessible for millions by providing means to give back when urgent causes arise, even if a donor does not have the funds immediately available.

The cornerstone of this partnership is B Generous’ revolutionary “Donate Now Pay Later” technology which is currently being used by many of the nation’s leading nonprofits, including United Way, PETA, The Humane Society, The Jewish Federation, Heifer International, and many more. This innovative tool allows donors to contribute to charitable causes without immediate financial strain. Supporters can donate to their favorite non-profit organizations and choose to make payments over time, while B Generous sends the nonprofit the full donation immediately, thus easing the financial burden on donors while still enabling them to support the causes they care about. Donors can finance donations for as little as $75 and up to $50,000 in aggregate, while paying no fees ever, and receiving their full tax receipt immediately. Most impressively, the average donation using Donate Now, Pay Later is over $600, compared to the national online average donation in America today of just $128.

Together, B Generous and Damar Hamlin aim to empower nonprofit organizations to raise funds more effectively, engage a broader audience, and create lasting social change. Since donating $10 million of fan-raised funds to his own nonprofit in May of 2023, Damar began to reshape the way society thinks about donating and supporting causes that are in need of immediate support. This partnership represents a pivotal moment in the realm of philanthropy, merging the worlds of sports, technology, and social responsibility.

“Damar’s unwavering dedication to making a difference in his community serves as a personal inspiration to not only myself, but to the entire B Generous team. With this announcement, we’re honored to welcome him to the B Generous family and kick off a partnership that is founded on a shared mission to empower and uplift the social sector, to create a better world for everyone,” said Dominic Kalms, CEO of B Generous. “Through our innovative ‘Donate Now Pay Later’ product and our Direct Nonprofit Lending product, we are revolutionizing fundraising by allowing donors to support their favorite organizations without stressing their wallets, resulting in significantly more liquidity for nonprofits to do more good in the world. Together, Damar and B Generous are committed to driving positive change and helping the nonprofit sector thrive.”

Damar Hamlin is also known for his compassion and dedication to making a difference off the field, and his enthusiasm for this new endeavor is apparent: “I am really excited to collaborate with B Generous and support the invaluable work of non-profit organizations by bringing them innovative technology such as Donate Now, Pay Later. Together, we will empower individuals to contribute to causes they are passionate about and make a meaningful impact in communities across the globe.”

Through this partnership, Damar and B Generous are poised to shape the future of fundraising by merging technological innovation, philanthropy, and social impact. Non-profit organizations can now raise funds more efficiently, engage supporters effectively, and address pressing societal issues, all while managing their liquidity, and providing donors a convenient way to contribute without stressing their wallets.