Mindful Mama Mentor launches New Book ‘Raising Good Humans Every Day’ at Sold Out Event

NEW YORK – AUGUST 02, 2023 – Mindful Mama Mentor, Mom and Bestselling Author Hunter Clarke-Fields announces the launch of her new parenting book: “Raising Good Humans Every Day – 50 Simple Ways to Press Pause, Stay Present and Connect with your Kids” (New Harbinger Publications, Aug 1, 2023). To celebrate, Clarke-Fields hosted a Sold Out Book Launch Party last night at Cocoon Social Learning Club for Families in New York City, which included an author interview, Q and A, book giveaways, a meditation / breathing exercise and cheers from parenting influencers, moms, dads, and fans.

Hunter Clarke-Fields explains, “‘Raising Good Humans Every Day’ provides parents with a daily guide with mindfulness tools that are also used by CEOs, surgeons, Navy Seals and anyone in high stress jobs – like parents. It helps us to calm our reactivity so you can then use your whole brain and respond more effectively to your kids.”

With the incredible success of her first book, “Raising Good Humans: A Mindful Guide to Breaking the Cycle of Reactive Parenting and Raising Kind, Confident Kids ” that sold 200k copies, “Raising Good Humans Every Day” is the highly anticipated sequel with 50 short chapters (3-5 pages) that can be read in 5-15 minutes.

In the Foreword, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, Bestselling Author of “The Conscious Parent”, emphasizes, “I highly recommend that you keep this book by your bedside to help with those moments in parenting when you wonder how you will make it through another day. It will not only boost you with just the right amount of courage and wisdom, it will also allow you to do so with patience, humor and confidence.”

“Raising Good Humans Every Day” is a much smaller size than “Raising Good Humans”. It can fit in a purse or small bag for parents on-the-go. And because parents are so busy, the daily bitesize chapters can provide parents with a sense of accomplishment and peace-of-mind faster. Readers will also find easy exercises and action items at the end of each chapter.

Hunter explains, “The thing that led me to study mindful parenting was needing the tools desperately. And what is beautiful about mindfulness for parenting is that not only does this ancient practice help us to be less reactive, it helps us to be more calm and connect. It helps us to be in the present moment – and that’s the only place we can love our kids.”

The new “Raising Good Humans Every Day” book includes mindfulness parenting topics and tools that can help at home, work or play with relatable chapters, including:

  • I Can’t Control My Kids
  • Mindfulness for Busy Parents
  • Don’t Shout “Stop Yelling”
  • Love More, Care Less
  • How to Connect with my Child Again

Hunter adds, “What we need most as parents when we are at our worst and very reactive in autopilot, where our temper comes out and we’re yelling at our kids to stop yelling, we need to calm our reactivity. What mindfulness does is help us build that non-reactive muscle and calm our stress response – so we can build connection with our kids versus be destructive.”

“Raising Good Humans Every Day” provides readers with mindfulness solutions for how to practice compassion, loving speech and deep listening with your children “to help parents raise kind, confident and conscientious kids.”

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