Syrians on the Run: Leading U.S. Humanitarian NGOs Urge Americans to Donate

WASHINGTON, Feb. 25, 2020  — The Global Emergency Response Coalition announced today the launch of an emergency appeal to help Syrians currently experiencing life or death conditions. The lives of nearly 1 million people have been uprooted in Northwest Syria over the last three months, an escalation of a nearly decade-long conflict. Syrians urgently need our help – children are dying from extreme cold and families are out of options. The Coalition is imploring the American public to donate to help save the lives of children and families. 

An alarming situation has unfolded in Northwest Syria since December. Over 900,000 citizens have fled continued violence – many multiple times – but closed in by shuttered international borders on one side and the ocean on the other, families are stuck in an increasingly dangerous and desperate situation. This is one example of many among one of the largest humanitarian crises of our time — Syrians have endured continued violence, deteriorating living conditions, inadequate health care, destroyed schools, and human rights violations for nearly a decade. 

“We must do everything in our power to save the lives of Syrians in distress,” said Gwen Young, Managing Director of the Global Emergency Response Coalition. “Winter in Syria is especially brutal as temperatures plunge below freezing – people are dying from abnormally cold weather that is exacerbating already extreme conditions. Some 80,000 people are living outside, exposed to the elements and lacking the shelter they so desperately need for protection.”

Women and children are bearing the greatest brunt and make up over 80 percent of the displaced individuals. They are enduring disproportionate levels of suffering, including gender-based violence and malnutrition, both intensifying along with harrowing conditions on the ground.

The Coalition, including CAREInternational Rescue CommitteeMercy CorpsOxfamPlan International USASave the Children, and World Vision, first joined forces in 2017 to bring attention to and increase funding for the East Africa Hunger Crisis. In 2019, the Coalition relaunched to help save more lives by inspiring donors in the United States and quickly getting them involved when disasters strike. Right now, the Coalition’s members are on the ground in Syria working together and with local partners to provide immediate assistance, including basic needs like shelter, food, water, and protection.

“The humanitarian system in Syria is already strained and desperately in need of additional international aid and support,” explains Young. “Our unique partnership leverages each member’s strengths and amplifies efforts to deliver stronger results. Collaborating and coordinating to raise funds and support for Syrians inside and outside of the country ensures that children, families, and communities at risk receive the lifesaving assistance they need.”

Americans can make a difference right now – there is no better time to give. Syrians are in urgent need of support from the international community, and increased funding will make the difference between life and death for hundreds of thousands of innocent children and families. Start helping Syrians today.

This joint fundraising appeal will last until March 10. Donations to support the Coalition can be made at Donations will be divided equally among the participating Coalition members.