The Hanna Group Helps Feed San Jose Homeless Through Community Seva

SAN JOSE, CALIF./ AUGUST 16, 2018/ In an area where home prices triple the U.S. average, San Jose frequently sees jaw-dropping real estate sales numbers that make national headlines. This upward sales trend speaks to the extreme affluence found in Silicon Valley, where many high tech and progressive companies such as Apple and Google are headquartered and have contributed to a strong economic foundation.

Although there is a high level of affluence in the area, there are also some areas of the community now measuring $100,000 in annual household earnings as low income, which contributes to extremely high rental rates, families relocating out of state due to unaffordable housing and rising rates of homelessness. It is in this disparity that The Hanna Group is committed to giving back in an effort to create positive change that leads to more opportunities and goodwill for all San Jose residents.

Reflecting on a recent day volunteering at Community Seva, Zaid Hanna recalls “after cooking and preparing the meal, we began serving food to the patrons and that’s when everything settled in. We had an opportunity to connect with the people we came to support and it felt amazing to give back in such a simple way. This inspired and motivated our team to discover even more ways we can positively impact others and our community.”

Zaid and Ashourina Hanna, founders of The Hanna Group, understand the need for helping others all too well. As political and religious refugees from their country of origin, they left their homes and immigrated to America in the early 90’s in search of a safe haven and a new beginning. Like many immigrants before them, they arrived with not much money in their pockets and nothing to their names. They were amazed and touched by the many community service organizations that helped them and their family at that crucial time and pledged to one day give back in the same way.

Now, after many years of hard work building their real estate company, The Hanna Group has become the No. 1 real estate group in San Jose. Along with their pledge to provide the highest level of real estate guidance and customer service to their clients, they are also committed to expanding their corporate philanthropy program in an effort to strengthen the community in which they are honored to serve.