Pro-Medical Cannabis Organizations Partner to Support Hannahtopia a Startup Venture for Children with Special Needs

PITTSBURGH/ AUGUST 14, 2018/ Pennsylvania pro-medical cannabis organizations Compassionate Certification Centers™ and Empower Your Odyssey recently announced their partnership to help fund Hannahtopia, a new online boutique specializing in products for families and children with special needs.

Empower Your Odyssey is an apparel company with a mission to educate the public on the beneficial qualities of cannabis. The company’s t-shirts are now available for purchase at Compassionate Certification Centers offices, one of the most recognized and extensive medical cannabis networks in Pennsylvania.

All proceeds will support the launch of Hannahtopia, slated for October 2018. For more information on where to purchase visit

Heather Shuker is the founder of Empower Your Odyssey and startup Hannahtopia. Her daughter Hannah is a medical cannabis patient who suffers from severe intractable epilepsy.

Shuker began her fight for legalization as early as 2013. She joined forces with other moms to create Campaign for Compassion and successfully lobbied for medical cannabis in Pennsylvania.

Through her advocacy, Shuker established a strong relationship with Compassionate Certification Centers, a medical cannabis healthcare network offering evaluations and continued treatment care for patients.

“When you meet good people, you want to stay connected with them,” explained Shuker. “I took Hannah to one of Compassionate Certification Centers first offices for her medical cannabis evaluation.”

The organization has multiple locations, including: Pittsburgh, Carlisle, Irwin, Butler, and Natrona Heights. Co-founders Melonie Kotchey and Dr. Bryan Doner are avid supporters of Shuker’s mission.

“We are excited to partner with Empower Your Odyssey and help get Hannahtopia off the ground. Our organizations share a common mission to assist patients and families on their medical cannabis journeys with an emphasis on education. We plan on selling out of t-shirts,” stated Kotchey.

For more information visit