Tattoo Removal Ink, Provides Free Tattoo Removal to Former Gang Members

FLORENCE, Ky., March 28, 2017 – Tattoo Removal Ink is transforming lives in Northern Kentucky one tattoo at a time. The independent non-profit organization provides free tattoo removal in efforts to help victims of human trafficking, former gang members, and formerly-incarcerated individuals. Tattoo Removal Ink’s mission is to create opportunities for people searching for a better life through the removal of tattoo regret and gang related tattoos.

“Tattoo Removal Ink was built around giving back to the community,” said Jo Martin, founder. “We want to open doors for people who have been previously incarcerated or victimized by removing tattoos that either remind them of their past life, or inhibit them from moving on into the next chapter of their lives.”

Tattoo Removal Ink has invested in the Astanza Duality laser to perform all of their charitable laser tattoo removal procedures. The Astanza Duality is a cutting-edge Q-switched Nd:YAG laser that delivers unparalleled results across all skin types. The Duality uses two versatile wavelengths – 1064 nm and 532 nm – to target and shatter a wide range of tattoo ink colors. This state-of-the-art laser combines ultra short pulse durations with high pulse energy to deliver strong peak power for better ink shattering and faster fading. The Duality is designed with safety in mind, and uses a square-spot beam to avoid treatment overlap and minimize risks of side effects – especially on darker skin tones.

“We are very delighted to partner with such an amazing organization,” said Nick Landry, Astanza VP of Sales. “Tattoo Removal Ink goes above and beyond to service and care for each of their clients. Their dedication and hard work towards helping others get their lives back on track is truly inspiring. The Duality is sure to erase more ink in fewer sessions and help Tattoo Removal Ink provide a fresh start for their clientele.”

About Tattoo Removal Ink
Tattoo Removal Ink is a non-profit organization that provides free tattoo removal for people who want to redirect their lives. Their mission is to provide free tattoo removal to men and women alike who were previously gang-involved or incarcerated, as well as women who have been branded from a past human trafficking experience.

All staff members have received expert training from New Look Laser College, the leading laser tattoo removal training program worldwide. They have received the designations of Laser Safety Officer and Certified Laser Specialist. To schedule a free laser tattoo removal consultation, call (859) 817-9200 or email Tattoo Removal Ink is located at 6900 Dixie Highway, Florence, KY 41042.

Tattoo Removal Ink has been supported entirely by charitable donations. To make a donation, visit or mail a check to Tattoo Removal Ink, Inc., PO Box 992, Florence, KY 41022.

About Astanza Laser
Astanza is a leading manufacturer of aesthetic lasers with a unique focus on the application of laser tattoo removal. In addition to developing cutting-edge medical laser devices such as the Duality, Eternity, Liberty, and Trinity systems. Astanza offers its customers a complete range of training, marketing, and business consulting services specific to achieving success in this growing field.