BNtheMix/ (Chicago, IL) In 2019, music producer Lord Haiti partnered with Farm Plug, a non-profit
organization focused on educating agriculture and preservation of cultural influence, to
sponsor the first batch of pre-rolled OMS hemp papers for his “On My Soul” music series.

What originally started off as a strategic promotional tool for the Chicago-based producer
evolved into an organic/hemp goods product line that went from his OMS logo on BIC
lighters, to rolling papers and his most recent signature all-natural king cones. “If you speak
to any smoker, the most common thing that is stolen, lost, or left in random places are
lighters. By adding our logo to lighters for our audience, we knew this custom OMS lighter
had the possibility to travel further than our original reach, simply due to the need for lighters
throughout society,” says OMS founder and owner, Lord Haiti.

On April 12th, 2021, OMS Organics launched its website in hopes of making their debut on
National Cannabis Holiday (4/20) April 20, 2021. The newly published site features the
king-size hemp pre-rolled cones, geared towards improving the smoking experience. While
customers can order directly from the website, customers have the option of purchasing a
box consisting of 30 packs of cones or a 5 pack.

OMS has also created a branding campaign that combines jingles originally produced by
Lord Haiti, and creative visuals consisting of images and videos that revisit the late 70s and
early 90s. “Our all-natural pre roll cones are the first actual products of OMS Organics as a
company. This will not only complement the vibes of my music but it will become the next
generation of innovative products within the smoking community.”

To Preview OMS Organics Website Visit