Empowering Communities and Changing Lives: E&J Brandy and The Basketball Tournament Partner to Promote and Support the National Urban League

MODESTO, Calif., July 2, 2020  — Sharing the goal of empowering and bringing equality to underserved communities, E&J Brandy, the most popular American brandy, today announced a $75,000 donation to the National Urban League (NUL). The Basketball Tournament (TBT) is partnering with E&J with an additional $25,000 donation, for a combined $100,000 contribution to the NUL.

“The National Urban League stands for changing lives through empowerment and equality, which are goals and values we share,” says Brandon Lieb of E&J Brandy. “While we are supporting the National Urban League financially, we feel it’s even more important to give them a platform to amplify their message and garner even greater support. Our partnership with The Basketball Tournament is the perfect opportunity to do just that.”

Nationally broadcasting on ESPN, The Basketball Tournament is taking place July 4-14, fully quarantined to a single location with several health and safety measures in place. Throughout the event, NUL will be showcased in E&J commercials and on their social channels. NUL will also be the focus of numerous in-game features and interviews, as players will highlight their local chapter and what the mission of the NUL means to them. The chosen NUL chapters of the winning teams will share in the donation from TBT.

Said TBT Founder and CEO Jon Mugar, “This year, we are extremely proud to highlight the National Urban League and the hard work they’re doing to support underserved communities. We are honored to partner with E&J to make a donation to the local chapters of our four semifinalists’ choosing. Together, alongside our players, we hope to shine a light on several communities near and dear to them.”  

“The National Urban League is honored to partner with E&J to help achieve our mission of economic justice and racial equality,” said Marc H. Morial, National Urban League President and CEO. “With the help of committed companies like E&J, we’re able to promote economic empowerment through education and job training, housing counseling, workforce development, and entrepreneurship promotion.”

E&J Brandy looks forward to a meaningful partnership with the National Urban League. E&J is committed to finding new and impactful ways to support NUL’s mission and spread awareness and support for their cause.

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