WaterOnWheels.org (WOW) is working to bring attention to the issue of dehydration within the homeless community and let people know how they can help

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 7, 2019  — WaterOnWheels.org is a place where people can sign up, get more information on how to help out and to get stickers to put on water bottles. The stickers are cool because they have the resources on them that the homeless can use to get help they desperately need. Currently the stickers are only for Multnomah County Oregon but with more demand they will expand production to other areas.

Another Initiative that is really cool is IFTF’s Universal Basic Assets framework and manifesto which does not advocate collectivizing or seizing and distributing resources. Rather, they are a call to action to collaboratively identify the key assets people will need today and in the future in order to lead sustainable livelihoods as individuals, households, and wider communities. UBA offers actionable tools for designing policies and mechanisms for widening access to such resources.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg has expressed interest in UBA and thinks within 10 years they can have the poorest American be in the middle class with a car, a house and a white picket fence if that’s what they want. He has a lot of exciting ideas for the future of our country. UBA Is a lot more sustainable and fairer than UBI which other candidates are proposing.

WaterOnWheels.org is a small initiative co-founded by Preston Berman and Jacob Berman, it’s really a social call to action to try to bring about small changes that make a big impact with the butterfly effect. Their main goals are just to bring about social change and a better humanity for everyone on this Planet.

“It breaks my heart to see people out on the side of the road on a hot day begging for change. I hope with your help people stay hydrated when they are working outside with water instead of soda.” -Preston Berman, Co-Founder WaterOnWheels.org

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