Dallas Mavericks Offset Corporate Business Travel with Carbonfund.org Foundation

DALLAS, Sept. 20, 2019 — Carbonfund.org Foundation is pleased to announce the Dallas Mavericks, a professional NBA basketball team based in Dallas, Texas and owned by renowned American businessman and investor Mark Cuban, are offsetting their corporate travel carbon emissions. 

The Mavericks have neutralized their corporate business travel carbon emissions through a partnership with Carbonfund.org Foundation by supporting its Envira Amazonia Project, protecting nearly 500,000 acres of endangered Brazilian Amazon rainforest and mitigating billions of pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. 

“The Dallas Mavericks are committed to providing a world class basketball team and fan experience while doing our part to reduce the effects of climate change,” according to owner Mark Cuban. “Offsetting our corporate travel with Carbonfund.org Foundation is one way we are creating a more sustainable business and educating our fans, staff and community about simple measures we can all take to protect our shared environment.”

“We applaud the Dallas Mavericks and Mr. Cuban for their commitment to mitigating climate change via their corporate business travel,” explains Eric Carlson, President of Carbonfund.org Foundation. “We are at a crucial moment for protecting the Amazonian Basin and reducing climate change, and we appreciate the Mavericks’ leadership on and off the court.” 

The Envira Amazonia Project is protecting and conserving nearly 500,000 acres of tropical forests –- by providing payments for ecosystem services. This type of project is known as Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+). In addition to providing a wide-range of ecosystem services such as preserving wildlife habitat and preventing erosion, there are numerous social projects and activities designed that include: 

  • providing local communities with free agricultural extension training courses;
  • building local health clinics, facilitating doctor and dentist visits, and distributing medicine;
  • improving local schools and donating school supplies; and
  • granting official land titles to local communities to strengthen their land tenure rights.

The Envira Amazonia Project is verified to the industry’s leading standards known as Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Climate, Community, and Biodiversity (CCB) Standard. In addition, the Envira Amazonia Project is one of the largest REDD+ projects in the world and is one of only a handful of forestry projects to be validated and verified with Triple Gold Distinction for exceptional climate, community and biodiversity benefits.

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