The Downing Brothers of the ​HGTV pilot show “Double Down” ​Partners with Cook County Land Bank Authority to Give Away New Home

BNtheMix/ August 21, 2019/ (Chicago, IL) The Downing Brothers are changing the face of real estate and ownership in the city of Chicago and transforming the broken areas of the city into beautiful oasis that were once considered eye sores. From their recent appearance at the 90th Bud Biliken parade as Honorary Grand Marshals, the launch of their new podcast and website, the Downing Brothers have made major strides since their TV debut last December.

This coming October, the Downing Brothers in partnership with the Cook County Land Bank Authority will change yet another life in Chicago’s community by giving away a newly renovated house to a family. While the focus is community, the Downing Brothers are reshaping the mentality of their peers and audience through real estate pop ups, meeting with major aldermen and politicians on planning new developments within the major urban areas of the southside of Chicago. They support the City of Chicago’s efforts to create affordable housing that is wholistic and transformative to the residents.

“We have rehabbed many homes, but this is one of the most impactful projects we’ve been involved in because it helps make affordable homeownership more accessible. The rehab that we’ve done on the giveaway home is so wonderful that my brother and I would love to live in the home ourselves, but we’re excited to turn it over to a winner this fall.” – Anton Downing

The winner of the giveaway will get the deed to the single-family, rehabbed home. The home’s mortgage will be paid in full and the new homeowner will only have to cover property taxes, insurance and bills. The deadline to enter the lottery for the newly renovated home is Sept 15th.

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