National Child Abuse Prevention Month

BNtheMix/ April 7, 2019 – The United States observes April as the National Child Abuse Prevention Month every year. The annual observance of the month reminds Americans at the local and national level of the importance of nurturing, protecting, and promoting the well-being of children and families within their neighborhood. Professionals dedicated to preventing child abuse commit in educating community members and families against child abuse.

Steps that can facilitate child abuse prevention

Parents and the community should be provided with supportive resources like the education on parenting methods, effective childcare methods and disciplining a child. One can also support the child raised in an abusive family not to repeat the vice at adulthood. Measures should be taken to promote advocacy among the people living in our surroundings. Making the people around us aware of the child abuse realities will encourage them to become advocates of the matter. The community institutions, faith-based organizations and community leaders should be organized to help fight against child abuse. Childbearing age should also be delayed because it will help to parent be less harsh. Delaying childbearing will allow the person to mature and stabilize emotionally and financially. Besides, appropriate programs should be put in place to enhance advanced education to the girls and young couples on parenting topic.

How individuals can become involved and support the cause

Individuals can become involved by becoming advocates of change. One can start by recognizing the signs of child abuse in their neighborhood. Neighbors should document child abuse cases in their neighborhood and report the cases through The National Domestic Abuse Hotline. One should always try to understand their child before punishing them and attempt to create a violence-free home for the family.

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