Empowering Kids with Hearing Loss: HearStrong Raises Money for Amazing Sisters on Strahan & Sara

NEW YORK/ APRIL 12, 2019 – Joined by former NFL Quarterback and HearStrong ambassador, Jim Kelly, HearStrong’s Founder, Ed Keller, donated $5,000 to the girls, so they can help more kids. Now, HearStrong aims to raise another $10,000, which they will match—for a total of $25,000 in hearing aids.

Through recognition, funding, and resources, HearStrong empowers people with hearing loss to inspire change and break down the barriers that prevent others from seeking the care they need. Hearing health awareness is something that is very important to the Waters Family, as two of their three young daughters have hearing loss.

When the youngest, Molly, was born in 2017, she failed her newborn hearing tests. At this time, her sister Emma was four and her parents were unaware she had any sort of loss. Although Emma was a bright student, she was quiet in school and seemed to rely on her peers for verbal guidance. Then one day, Emma’s teacher noticed baby Molly’s hearing aids and asked if Emma was ever tested for loss. She failed her hearing test and was fitted with hearing aids soon after.

After seeing how her little sisters thrived with their hearing aids, Carly Waters was surprised to learn the cost of hearing aids and that many families have difficulty affording them. She started sewing and selling stuffed lemons to raise money for kids in need of this life-changing technology. Although she is only six years old, Emma helps Carly make her lemons.

“I want to help people hear better and I want people to be happy and proud of their ears” says Emma. “I want to let people know all about hearing aids and how they are awesome!”

Since 2013, HearStrong has been recognizing remarkable people with hearing loss as Champions, so they can inspire others to take action and seek the support they need. The foundation also appoints ambassadors who are allies and advocates who help honor new Champions. During their appearance on Strahan and Sara, HearStrong ambassador, Jim Kelly, helped recognize Carly as an ambassador, and then Carly recognized her sister Emma as a Champion.

The HearStrong Foundation is now asking that people help them reach their goal of $10,000 in donations so Carly and Emma can help more kids. To learn more about HearStrong, or to make a donation, visit HearStrong.org.

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