The Walking Dead Actress Sabrina Gennarino’s Crap Free Skin Care Partners with and Donates Part of its Proceeds to Ian Somerhalder Foundation

LOS ANGELES/ March 1, 2019/ Crap Free Skin Care has partnered with fellow animal and environmental activist nonprofit the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. Crap Free products such as “Clean My Face, Dammit!” (Facial Cleansing Oil), “Make Me Younger, Dammit!”(Moisturizer), “Make Me Look Like I Slept, Dammit!” (Eye Cream), “Make Me Glow, Dammit!” (Face & Body Scrub), “Make Me Smooth, Dammit!” (Shaving Oil), and 3 FBombs (Bath Bombs: Imma Zen Master, Dammit! Imma Sleeping Beauty, Dammit! Imma Sexy Badass, Dammit!), that are purchased by ISF supporters who will be able to shop and donate at the same time. Crap Free Skincare has agreed that they will donate ten percent of the purchase price to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

Sabrina Gennarino says, “The ISF partnership, is an amazing opportunity to work with beautiful souls, in a like-minded organization that opens doors to spread awareness about going ‘crap free’ in our day to day lives. Be an educated consumer, know the ingredients of the products you use, what those ingredients do and how they get into your hands. Supporting a better environment and saving the lives of thousands of animals, can be as simple as changing your skin care products, especially changing them to products that work. Going ‘Crap Free’ is an opportunity to support an organization that is working to save the planet, humans, and animals, while saving your skin, with no additional effort. It’s time to get on board, Y’all! You can do it! Cut the Crap. Save your Skin.”

The Ian Somerhalder Foundation comments, “Thank you, Crap Free Skin Care LLC for supporting the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. By using code ‘ISF’ supporters will get a 15% discount on all products and ISF will get 10% of the retail purchase price donated to our foundation. We cannot thank Crap Free Skin Care LLC enough for helping us continue our shared mission to help this world and its creatures.”

CEO, activist, and celebrity Sabrina Gennarino launched Crap Free Skincare in 2015. She started the company from the bare necessity for clean skincare products, that are also affordable. After a year of research and using herself for product testing Gennario was ready to share her vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and paraben free environmentally sourced skincare products with the public. Not only are the products safe for the environment but so is the production of the products. Crap Free utilizes reusable containers with minimum waste and handcrafts them to minimize factory pollution.

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