Alo Gives Announces Reaching & Teaching 2-million Children Mindfulness & Movement

LOS ANGELES, March 12, 2019 — Alo Yoga is revolutionizing what an apparel company can do to change the world by bringing yoga and meditation to 2 million school kids this year with its launch today of

“Alo Gives is Alo’s nonprofit foundation dedicated to bringing yoga to children,” says Alo co-founder Danny Harris. “It is the cornerstone of Alo’s mission to bring yoga to the world. Our goal is to help kids learn yoga and meditation’s powerful, life-changing lessons at a young age to help quiet their minds, alleviate anxiety, promote learning and build emotional and physical resilience.”

What started out, 6 months ago, as a goal to bringing mindfulness and yoga to 2 million children in the next 5 years is now being realized in just 1 year: Alo is happy to announce that on March 12th they will have already exceeded meeting their goal of 2 million children practicing their curriculum just months into year 1 of the program. 

Alo Yoga has created classroom-friendly 5-minute video classes, taught by some of the most inspiring yoga teachers in the world, that bring movement and mindfulness to 100,000+ classrooms and counting, by way of a Scholastic-approved curriculum beginning today at no cost. Alo’s vision for the future is to expand this curriculum to all grades, from preschool through high school, and to change the curriculum in schools to bring yoga and meditation to reach 50 million children in the next 5 years. 

“Alo’s clothing is our fuel to do good in the world,” Harris says.  “Beyond making the greatest technical, move with you, studio to street active wear that inspire yogis (and yogis to be) to practice more yoga, bringing yoga to the world is Alo’s calling. It is at the core of what we do.”

More relevant today than ever before, yoga and mindfulness are so powerful and therapeutic that if they are part of the education and development process, they could alter the trajectory of future leaders’ lives. Alo Gives provides those tools in their curriculum so that young people could experience a happier, healthier being with better focus and ability to learn with more calm and confidence.

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