Liquid I.V. Surpasses 1 Million Sticks Donated Thanks to 1-for-1 Giveback Mission

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Feb. 7, 2019 – Health-science nutrition company Liquid I.V. has donated over 1 million servings of their hydration product to communities in need around the world – a number they reached this week on the heels of their rapid growth in 2018. As part of their 1-for-1 Giveback initiative, for every purchase of Liquid I.V., the company donates a serving to someone in critical need of hydration.

“Never in our wildest dreams did we think we could reach a million servings donated so quickly,” company CEO and Founder Brandin Cohen said in an Instagram story on Wednesday, speaking to the Liquid I.V. community. “It’s your constant support, purchases, and incredible devotion to spreading the word about our mission that allows us to give back in such an impactful way. Over a million people around the world have been given the gift of hydration because of you.”

Since the company’s inception in 2012, Liquid I.V. had cumulatively donated just over 500,000 servings, but their rapid growth in 2018 allowed them to expand their Giveback Mission at the end of the year. This catapulted their donation numbers to well over a million in January 2019. Their increased pledge comes on the heels of key partnerships including their recent national launch at Costco—an event that furthered their status as the fastest-growing hydration company in the country.

“We’ve always been rooted in giving back,” Cohen said. “That’s what drives our team, that’s what excites us. So as our growth rapidly expanded in 2018, there was no question that our Giveback Mission would too.”

Liquid I.V. works with top humanitarian organization Direct Relief to donate product to places like Honduras, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Armenia, and India. Last year, the company also donated product to Butte County, a community in the U.S. that was devastated by the Northern California wildfires, and to communities in Florida and North Carolina that were affected by hurricanes.

Communities and clinics that have received Liquid I.V. donations have written to Direct Relief to express their gratitude, and to convey the incredible impact the product has had on the health of their patients. “The population [surrounding Hospital Ruth Paz] lives in extreme poverty and, as a consequence, are at a high risk for gastrointestinal conditions such as diarrhea and dehydration,” said one Direct Relief partner in Honduras. “The hospital sees multiple patients a day with these conditions, mostly children, and the Liquid I.V. rehydration solutions are of great help in treating them.”

The company is preparing for another Giveback Mission trip in 2019 to get their feet on the ground and further connect with communities where people are benefiting from their product.

Liquid I.V. is set to donate over 2 million sticks by the end of 2019.

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