Young Wheelchair Tennis Athletes and Aspiring Paralympians From Japan, Canada, and the United States Meet in San Diego

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 27, 2018 — “JTB Wheelchair Tennis Global Challenge” is an international competition held in San Diego. Eleven wheelchair tennis athletes have been invited from Japan, Canada, and the United States, all of whom are aspiring Paralympians.

B-Adaptive Foundation (BAF), a non-profit organization out of Los Angeles, will be hosting the Global Challenge. January 2018 was the inaugural JTB Wheelchair Tennis Global Challenge, and this year’s event will be the second of its kind. The Global Challenge is an excellent opportunity for young athletes to compete against rivals from other countries and to learn from other cultures. Additionally, all athletes competing in the Global Challenge are unaccompanied by parents, creating an environment for independence and self-confidence. For athletes with disabilities, there are many challenges associated with leaving home, and overcoming those challenges can help them grow significantly.

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