World Animal Protection moved the world to protect millions of animals in 2018

NEW YORK, Dec. 28, 2018 – In 2018, World Animal Protection moved the world to protect millions of animals around the world – and it wouldn’t have been possible without the public’s generous support. The organization’s achievements this year included:

  • After a World Animal Protection petition signed by more than 72,000 supporters, supermarket giant Krogercommitted to end the use of gestation crates for pigs in its supply chain.
  • The organization campaigned for and helped pass Proposition 12 in California. This will be the strongest measure to prevent farm animal confinement in the world, helping an estimated 40 million egg-laying hens, 12 million pigs, and 65,000 veal calves.
  • 83,000 dogs in Sierra Leone and Kenya were vaccinated against rabies.
  • Nearly half a million animals were helped during 12 disasters around the world.

World Animal Protection has released a year-in-review video highlighting many of the accomplishments achieved through the generous support of animal-loving donors and supporters.

Before the clock strikes midnight to usher in 2019, World Animal Protection is asking people to consider giving a gift to help animals in need. Whether vaccinating stray dogs, rescuing bears from a life of abuse, or aiding animal victims of natural disasters, animal lovers can do all this and more with a tax-deductible gift to World Animal Protection. There are only days left to make a tax-deductible gift for 2018.

World Animal Protection works globally to protect animals in communities, in disasters, in farming, and in the wild. A gift of any amount can make a life-saving difference for vulnerable animals. For example, for every three dollars given, World Animal Protection could provide a rabies vaccination for a vulnerable dog in need. For $75, supporters could help protect 25 dogs in 2019 from the threat of rabies and the risk of being needlessly killed in an attempt to stop the spread of the disease.

Supporters can also give a gift to a fellow animal lover – by giving a donation in a loved one’s name to honor their dedication to animals. The gift is instantaneous, and the recipient will receive an acknowledgment email.

Animals play an important role in our lives.  Our pets become part of the family, millions of the world’s poorest people depend on animals for their lives and livelihoods, and precious wildlife is a vital part of the global ecosystem we all share.   The holiday season is the perfect time of year to give back to animals around the world. All gifts received before midnight on December 31 will be eligible for a 2018 tax deduction. Give second chances, freedom and better lives to animals with a tax-deductible charitable gift for animals in 2018.