Purse Power and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Partner to Support Survivors

EDMOND, Okla., Dec. 6, 2018 – Purse Power, Inc, the largest women-owned, women-led online business organization, announces a partnership with the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), the nation’s leading grassroots voice on domestic violence. NCADV and Purse Power have come together to provide education, services, and support to those affected by domestic violence with a FREE unique opportunity. With every download of the FREE Purse Power Google Chrome Extension, Purse Power will donate to NCADV.

The Purse Power Google Chrome Extension easily identifies companies that are women-owned or women-led while you shop, from your desktop, on the top online shopping sites. All you have to do is download the Google Chrome Extension, and look for the Purse Power logo beside the companies and products that are led by women CEOs, or are 50% owned by women, or have at least 20% women on their board. Once the download is complete, a donation will be sent to the NCADV to help provide education, services, and support to those affected by domestic violence.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with the NCADV, in support of their fundraising efforts. Our mission is to create a safe and equitable world for women and girls. Reducing domestic violence is a fundamental part of that mission,” states Donna Miller, CEO of Purse Power Inc.

“NCADV is pleased to be in partnership with Purse Power. I believe this partnership will make an impact; for women and girls as well as the 1 in 4 of those women who have been impacted by domestic violence. Together, our entities will join in raising our voices for survivors of domestic violence. Purse Power’s innovative approach to providing support to NCADV is refreshing. We look forward to this relationship and the possibilities for making a change,” states Ruth M. Glenn, CEO, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Purse Power makes it easy for 161 million American women buyers to connect with thousands of American companies that are 50% women-owned, or have at least 20% women sitting on their boards, or have a woman CEO.

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