Korman Coalition For Caring Donates $12,000 Worth of Laptops to Homeless Children

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 11, 2018 — On Thursday October 18, 2018, Jim Korman and members of the Korman Residential staff visited Forget Me Knot Youth Services, Pathways PA Transitional Living Program and the Woodstock Family Center in Philadelphia. Each of these organizations has proven successful in the vital work of supporting homeless teens and their families, providing housing, education and guidance.

Jazelle Reed of Korman’s Corporate office worked with Mark Chumley Singer to identify those non-profits proven to be among the most successful at transitioning young people in need, and most deserving of the donation.

“I wanted to identify local homeless shelters that served children and to provide what seemed to be one of their greatest needs – reliable computer hardware – something most of us take for granted as much as the milk we put on our cereal each morning,” said Korman Residential President Jim Korman.

“Our young people and staff are enjoying them daily – learning computer skills, resume building, job searching, homework, and just merely browsing,” said Quinzell Bethea, Founder and COO of Forget Me Knot Youth Services.

Korman Coalition for Caring identifies community needs and delivers critical services through volunteerism, fundraising and direct funding. Korman team members work shoulder to shoulder alongside residents, friends, family and business partners in the true spirit of helping others. All employees are encouraged to take two paid workdays annually for community service. Korman hopes the coalition inspires other companies to follow our lead in promoting positive change. Read more at www.LiveKorman.com/coalition

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