You Matter Marathon, No Running Required – Movement Creates Positive Connections Among People With Two Simple Words

PHILADELPHIA /OCTOBER 04, 2018/ Is it possible that two words can change someone’s day, or even their life? While technology connects us more today than at any other time in history, many people feel more isolated than ever. The You Matter Marathon (no running required!) aims to change that. Just in time for the season of giving, this movement uses pre-printed cards with the meaningful and sincere words, “You Matter”, printed on them. You Matter cards are no bigger than a business card and are meant to be shared with friends, family and even strangers, as a way to nurture community and affirm the value of all of us.

The goal of the You Matter Marathon is to create and enrich positive connections by collectively sharing 1-Million You Matter cards from November 1 to November 30 as an effort to spread gratitude and kindness globally during the Thanksgiving season.

The You Matter movement is the brainchild of Cheryl Rice, of suburban Philadelphia. Rice is a leadership coach, speaker and author who was given a You Matter card by a colleague as encouragement for a project she was working on. “I was deeply touched and ordered some You Matter cards to share with family and friends,” said Rice. One day while at a supermarket checkout line, Rice overheard a customer talk about the difficulties her family was facing. Moved by this woman’s story, Rice approached her in the parking lot and gave her a You Matter card and a hug.

“When the woman read the card’s two words, she began to cry,” said Rice. “And through her tears, she said, ‘You have no idea how much this means to me.’”

Rice launched the first You Matter Marathon in 2016 and since then well over half-a-million cards were shared in by people in 65 countries. This year’s Marathon is being launched this week via social media and the Internet to encourage participation in the You Matter Marathon, which will begin November 1. Rice will give away 30 You Matter cards to the first 3000 people who sign up at

Organizations, community groups, schools, and religious institutions are also encouraged to participate.

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