(Des Plaines, Ill.) October 10, 2018 — Throughout his four decades in manufacturing, first-time author Terry M. Iverson has remained vigilant about creating opportunities for young people through manufacturing and has been battling the misperception that it is a second-rate career alternative. Iverson has now written a book on the topic and is leading a Kickstarter campaign to raise $22,000 to help fund the self-publishing of Finding America’s Greatest Champion: Building Prosperity through Manufacturing, Mentoring and the Awesome Responsibility of Parenting.

The 300-page, 14-chapter book chronicles a unifying theme which points to all those who “ Dream Differently ” — the title of a book authored by Vince Bertram, one of the more than 40 professionals Iverson interviewed. Personalities include four-time Emmy winning director Don Dupree, play-byplay announcer Wayne Larrivee, authors Bertram and Nicole Martin, entrepreneurs like Pre-Heels inventor Dana Ward and AirHook inventor Craig Rabin, as well as many executives, elite athletes, parents, clergy, media personalities, and leaders in manufacturing, education and politics. Former Walgreens CEO Greg D. Wasson writes the book’s foreword.

“Parents and educators, business, and America’s culture must strive to better prepare our youth of tomorrow,” says Iverson, who spent more than a year interviewing, researching and writing the book. “While I am passionate about manufacturing, the overarching message is that we, as parents, must listen to what lights up our children. So many parents have the opportunity to empower their children or mentor others. An entire generation is waiting for the light switch to be flipped.”

Iverson’s 30-day Kickstarter campaign launched Aug. 30. Supporters can donate anywhere from $10 to $2,500 and receive thank-you rewards that include a metal chess set made on a CNC lathe machine from Iverson’s shop floor and a VIP NHRA pass with top fuel driver Tony Schumacher, who is also featured in the book. The 12-book pack and a 40-bookbox reward are even ideal for upcoming Manufacturing Day tours!

Iverson is part of a wave of manufacturing CEOs who are spreading the word about the industry’s technology-driven culture, automated facilities, and career tracks that are strong and well defined.

“ Finding America’s Greatest Champion honors people who earn their living designing, engineering, tinkering and dreaming of making things,” said Iverson. “I hope to influence the perception of manufacturing in education and in the minds of young people and their parents. Equally important, I want people to know they have choices and that some young people can excel in manufacturing beyond their wildest dreams. I expect our industry to embrace this book but hope that this is so much bigger than that. We need to ready the general population, a large majority of which does not know about the rise of American manufacturing going on right now.”

“So many young people do not know that good paying careers are available in manufacturing and the industry isn’t what it was 20, 30 or 40 years ago,” said Iverson. “In today’s world, it is automation, robotics, engineering, and the excitement about making things and being a part of something big.”

The book will debut during the International Manufacturing and Technology Show, Sept. 10-15 in Chicago. There, Iverson and his book will be featured with a table in the Student Summit area at Booth 215313. Experts featured in the book will also be hosting the table to meet those who come to the student summit. People are encouraged to use this book as a tool during Manufacturing Day events every October.

Besides owning Iverson & Company, a distributor of turning, milling and grinding machines in Chicago’s Des Plaines suburb, Iverson also founded ChampionNow!, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that introduces young people to manufacturing careers by changing their perceptions, engaging them in internships, and inspiring them with videos and presentations.

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