United Breast Cancer Foundation Awareness Message Featured During Entire 2018 NFL Season

HUNTINGTON STATION, NY/ SEPTEMBER 06, 2018/ The United Breast Cancer Foundation (UBCF) is pleased to be a featured nonprofit organization during the entire 2018 National Football League (NFL) season within Official NFL Team Commemorative Souvenir Publications. September 6th marks what all football fans have been waiting for – week one NFL Kickoff! Tonight’s game is between first time Super Bowl Champions, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons at Lincoln Financial Field in “The City of Brotherly Love” – Philadelphia, PA.

UBCF’s print Awareness message, “Together We Are Tackling Breast Cancer,” is featured in 29 of the 32 Official NFL Team Publications as well as the 2019 Pro Bowl and Super Bowl LIII Game Programs. The Awareness Message highlights the image of a powerful female football player – just like the NFL athletes we admire for their strength, spirit, commitment and tenacity. Her strong gaze and beat up white jersey tell the story of Every Women® and man who has battled Breast Cancer yet continues to persevere despite the blocks. UBCF’s message challenges NFL Fans to support Breast Cancer patients and families. All Official NFL Team Publications are sold in stadium, and NFL Team Yearbooks are available at retailers. Estimated readership is a minimum of 17,000,000 for the season.

This October, the NFL will focus its awareness campaign on a variety of causes including Breast Cancer. The NFL has been supporting Breast Cancer Awareness for several years – most noticeably by allowing teams to accent their uniforms with the color pink. Perhaps no football player has been more affected than Pittsburgh Steelers’ DeAngelo Williams, who lost his mother and four aunts to the deadly disease.

Early detection is key to surviving Breast Cancer. UBCF’s Breast Screening Program provides screening services to women and men in need. This year alone there will be 330,080 new cases of women diagnosed with breast cancer. Breast Cancer is rare in men, but an estimated 2,550 men will be diagnosed and 480 men will die from this disease. UBCF encourages both women and men to be aware of any physical changes as Breast Cancer is a serious and deadly disease when left untreated.

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