Realtor Doug Hutchins Gives Hope to Orphans in Nepal with Hope’s Promise

DENVER /JULY 20, 2018/ Kentwood Real Estate Broker Associate Doug Hutchins recently traveled to Nepal with Hope’s Promise, a non-profit adoption and orphan care agency. Hope’s Promise has two orphan homes in Nepal that were visited.

“It was phenomenal to see these children and see the wonderful environment they are being raised in,” said Hutchins, Chairman of the Board of Hope’s Promise. “This was the first time I’ve gone to Nepal. The charity usually does one trip a year, to one of the homes in Kenya, Nepal, or Vietnam. This is something I will want to do for many years to come.”

In order to encourage others to sponsor a child, Hutchins posted pictures and stories while in Nepal. He also supports Hope’s Promise through his real estate business and donates a portion of his closings to the organization.

“It’s something that I truly believe in and support. Over the last two years, we raised over $16,000,” noted Hutchins, whose three children were adopted through Hope’s Promise. “If the charity wasn’t there, I would not have the children that I have today. Hope’s Promise is like my family.”

The orphaned children in these countries are often hungry, don’t have enough water or clean water, and have limited, if any, medical care. Going to school and developing themselves is not something they think about. They are just worried about day-to-day survival and the ability to provide not only what they need from the nutritional and physical standpoint, but also from an emotional standpoint. Hope’s Promise places the children in a loving home where they can thrive.

While in Nepal, Hutchins met a young boy that was in one of the homes who took a simple crayon and in about 20 minutes sketched out an amazing scene of the Himalaya mountains, with trees, a river and birds. “It was unbelievable, with just a simple crayon. He is 11 years old and the talent is just amazing,” concluded Hutchins. “He has an opportunity to develop his talent because of Hope’s Promise and all of the sponsors.”

To donate directly to Hope’s Promise Adoption & Orphan Care, please visit For more information about adopting, please visit

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