Nonprofit Partners Build, Fill Homes with Essentials for Tijuana Families

NORTHGLENN, COLO./ JULY 12, 2018/ When a fire destroyed their Tijuana home, the Lopez – Gutierrez family had no choice but to sleep in what was left of the structure, causing the young sons to get sick from smoke inhalation. That’s when two nonprofits, Colorado-based Heaven on Earth NOW and San Diego-based Casas de Luz, swooped in, building and stocking the home with the basics needed to start over – as the organizations will do this year for 19 families experiencing hardships in their home country of Mexico.

“Most often, these families move into their new homes with next to nothing,” says Molly G. Cottrill, Executive Director of Heaven on Earth NOW. The partnership between the organizations enables volunteer groups who build the homes over the course of two days to fill them with many necessities, from new pillows and cleaning supplies to light bulbs and specialized items for each family. “These gifts bring comfort and dignity, helping transform a house into a home.” Indeed, House to Home is the name of the initiative, which the nonprofit has already introduced to 116 citizens emerging from homelessness and poverty in Maryland and Pennsylvania.

Heaven on Earth NOW’s gift enables Casas de Luz volunteers to focus on building and furnishing 16- by 20-feet homes in the colonias just across the United States/Mexico border. The families who receive homes are chosen based on their circumstances/extreme need, and willingness to participate in the home-build.

“We’re grateful for the donation of household goods that makes the transition of the families into their new homes even smoother,” says Kathy Faller, Casas de Luz’ Founder. In the case of the Lopez – Gutierrez family, the children have recovered from their respiratory illnesses and now enjoy the comfort of clean and safe surroundings.

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