Andersen Celebrates World Environment Day with 10 Days of Nature Preservation Volunteerism

BAYPORT, Minn., June 5, 2018 – Andersen Corporation celebrates its fifth annual Nature Preservation Day, kicking off on World Environment Day with ten days of volunteer activities across North America. Andersen is marking this volunteer celebration with a $20,000 grant to The Nature Conservancy to help develop a forest restoration and resiliency plan.

Nature Preservation Day is Andersen’s signature employee volunteer program focused on environmental education and hands-on learning to make the world a better place. Starting June 5, more than 400 Andersen employees will participate in volunteer activities to help restore and protect the natural environment. In total, 22 Nature Preservation Day events will be conducted, with each event participating in activities that meet the needs of the local community where Andersen operates. Activities range from clearing invasive species to planting trees and flowers, to park and water cleanup.

“Andersen is celebrating 115 years of environmental stewardship and corporate citizenship to improve the communities in which we live and work,” said Andersen Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jay Lund. “Our year-round sustainability efforts not only improve our local communities but are good for the planet, our customers and our business.”

Andersen deploys a comprehensive strategic approach to driving sustainable improvements across its value chain – from the forest, to its operations, to the home, to communities.

“Nature Preservation Day provides employee volunteers with an opportunity to step outside of their daily routine and connect with nature in meaningful ways that also positively impact their local communities,” said Eliza Clark, director of sustainability and environmental with Andersen. “We hope our passion for corporate citizenship inspires others to take action to preserve our natural environment for future generations.”

Peggy Ladner, director of The Nature Conservancy in Minnesota, added, “By investing in the Minnesota Restoration and Resiliency Plan, Andersen Corporation is playing a pivotal role in enabling not only The Nature Conservancy, but numerous other organizations that will use the report to ensure that Minnesota’s precious and iconic forests can continue to thrive long into the future. We are grateful to the Andersen Corporation for our longstanding relationship.”

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