Environmental Sustainability, Int’l Restaurant Show 2018

Ecolabs, @Ecolab ‏ is a company with a heritage of working with the embedded technology of the Global Food Services industry to innovate solutions, which contribute to our planet’s ecological sustainability. Ecolab is a champion of, among many other environmental sustainability initiatives in the Food Service Industry; but they are by far the champions of Water Conservation in all aspects of Food Services.

Ecolab has a myopic focus on enabling foodservice clients, in over 170 nations, with the very best in innovative cleaning and maintenance solutions which positively impact their clients’ bottom lines, workers, and most importantly their customers. This is a tough job, considering a pillar of Ecolab’s’ business is the utilization of chemicals. At Ecolab eliminating and minimizing the negative impact of chemicals in the workplace is a top priority.

If you visit the Ecolab’s website, www.Ecolab.com, you will see the second drop down tab after products and Services, is Sustainability; with nine selections in the list from Chairman’s Message to two selections for my sustainability sweet spot Water Risk Management and Water Stewardship. We all could benefit from taking the lead of Ecolab’s when it comes to sustainability best practices.

I mentioned Food Service throughout this article because of the focus of it is Ecolab’s leadership involvement in the International Restaurant Show; and the Foodservice industry, which most often touches all of our lives. However, Ecolab is heavily involved in providing Cleaning and Maintenance solutions for industries as far and wide as Energy Exploration and Productions, Mining and Mineral Processing, as well as Healthcare and Life Sciences; to name a few.

In the 2017 International Restaurant Show Ecolab demonstrated several sustainability innovations and solutions, from minimizing the liquid volume of hand sanitizing cleaners to further curtailing the possibility of the harmful effects, to humans, of its pest control products, to achieve the desired effect.

At this year’s 2018 International Restaurant Show, Ecolab will be exhibiting and demonstrating, among its main products and services SMARTPOWER™, an industrial dishwashing solutions which, “By combining powerful insights, innovative chemistry and personal service, SMARTPOWER™ brings your restaurant operation a new level of safety, simplicity and sustainability. I look forward to the demonstration and will include insights in my post National Restaurant Show, reporting.

For more information of Ecolab’s SMARTPOWER™
Industrial Dishwashing Solution, visit https://www.ecolab.com/offerings/smartpower.

The 2018 International Restaurant, Hotel + Motel Show aka Restaurant Show, will occur this coming Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, May 19 – 22, 2018, 9AM to 5PM daily, except Tuesday on which it closes at 3PM, at Chicago’s McCormick Place North, South and Lakeside Center Buildings.

Exhibitions include, but are not limited to, Nation’s Pavilions, including Mexico, China will have two or three, Germany, Brazil, and other; but the ‘Piece de Resistance’ of nation’s pavilions will be Italy’s, Bella Vita. There will be State Pavilions from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado and of course the show’s home state of Illinois. There is also an amazing Technology Pavillion, with all the big tech names and emerging players represented.

My favorite Pavilion is Bar At The Show. Does that need any explaining? Last, year Tanduay Rum, @TanduayUSA, as well as Rolling River Spirits, @RollingRiverPDX and Swallowtail Spirits, @swallowtailsprt two of Oregon’s Craft Spirits Breakout Stars, made the show for me. Oh Yeah, there will be Beers and Wines from all over the world exhibiting, I look forward to visiting the Wines of South Africa, https://www.wosa.co.za/home/, @WOSA_USA.

An estimated 50,000 registered attendees and 7,000 exhibiting company representatives, from nations worldwide, will be making the Food Service industry, from food trucks and bars to 5 Star Restaurants and Grand Hotels, the most Consumer-Centric, Forward Thinking, as well as Innovative, of all industries.

For more information on the International Restaurant Show Produced by the National Restaurant Association, visit: https://show.restaurant.org/, @NRAShowIntl

By Drew Barrett, Business Correspondent, May 16, 2018