The True American Dream: Self-made Success Twila True Fights to Change our Society

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., March 22, 2018 – In March, we celebrate Women’s History Month along with International Women’s Day, and we’re reminded of the incredible females who fought—and fight—the good fight to change our society for the better, beating all odds to get there. Philanthropist and entrepreneur Twila True is one of these revolutionary women.

Call it the True “American Dream” story. Twila True is an Oglala Lakota Sioux who grew up on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota, where living conditions for the 35,000-plus tribal members are beyond harsh. A staggering 97 percent of the population lives below the national poverty line and unemployment is at 90 percent, which has led to high rates of alcoholism, drug abuse, hopelessness and suicide. “Pine Ridge is the poorest county in the nation, most people outside of the Dakota State don’t know that Pine Ridge exists,” states True.

A young Twila True rose above these tremendous challenges, and has become a self-made success today in every way. With only a high school education behind her and a passion to help others, in 2012, she and her husband Alan co-founded True Family Enterprises; which currently owns and operates a multitude of thriving businesses across Southern California.

True has never forgotten about the deep struggles of her Oglala Lakota Sioux people. In 2015, True founded the True Sioux Hope Foundation with the mission to provide critical aid to the Sioux people and help fight the many social problems they face. Today it provides critical aid to the most vulnerable in need, and implements models of sustainability to foster permanent change. Including programs that support education, health and employment. The nonprofit raises funds to fight infant mortality, which is at 20 percent—the highest on the continent—and provides childcare, proper nutrition and parenting classes. They also partner with Thrive Market to create healthy food box options to supply families in need. Since May 2017, the True Thrift Store offers employment opportunities and provides tribal members a place to purchase clothing and household items. And, thanks to a higher education program implemented by True, youth from the reservation can receive a college education. True has also launched the Twelve Cycles initiative to provide basic, and much needed feminine resources to girls on the reservation. “A women will menstruate for 40 years. Yet, most girls on the reservation don’t have a single month’s supply of feminine pads or tampons.” To learn how you can support the True Hope Sioux Foundation, visit

Women like Twila True are influencing history today to change society tomorrow and she inspires others to follow her on her path…THAT is the true “American Dream!”

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