NFL Legends and Players Join Together to Congratulate and Support for Jim Kelly

MILWAUKEE – MARCH 06, 2018 – NFL legends and players joined together in a video to congratulate Jim Kelly, an NFL Hall of Fame Inductee and two-time cancer survivor, on receiving the Vince Lombardi Award of Excellence and encourage him as he starts his third battle with cancer.

Messages to remain ‘Kelly Tough’ came from Frank Reich, Lynn Dickey, Brett Farve, Dan Marino, JJ Watt, Carson Wentz, Mason Crosby, Chris Berman, Joe Montana, Morten Andersen and James Lofton.

The Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation honored Kelly in recognition of his continued strength and excellence both on and off the field. Kelly delivered an inspirational speech at the 28th annual Vince Lombardi Award Excellence Dinner Ball on March 3.

“My dad always emphasized toughness. He said we would all go through tough times in our lives, but it’s what you do about it that counts. It’s about your attitude,” said Kelly. “Throughout my life I’ve been through a lot, and it’s a journey of perseverance. My dad instilled in me as a young kid to keep fighting and never give up.”

At the event, the foundation raised more than $110,000 for its mission to advance cancer research and compassionate care nationwide.

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