Gululu Launches Program Focusing on Children’s Health With & Monroe Elementary School

NEW YORK, March 22, 2018 – Gululu, the interactive water bottle for kids, has joined hands with, a humanitarian organization that provides sustainable solutions to the global water crisis, one community at a time, and Monroe Elementary School from California, United States, to launch the “School-to-School” program. “School-to-School” is a program designed to connect students in the United States with schools in developing countries. This program will educate kids for social responsibility and create fundraising campaigns to build more water projects for partner schools. The first program funded a water project for students in Peru. Schools are encouraged to join this mission by contacting via Antonia Buban, the Community and Donor Engagement Coordinator.

Gululu’s “School-to-School” mission is to advance hydration for kids around the world and to provide clean drinking water to all children. The first project matched Monroe elementary school to a sister school (#60102), located in a community in Peru, where the community used to collect rainwater for use. The United States based school ran a fundraiser for their sister school and accomplished building the first well, allowing for this community of 400 plus children and their families to have access to clean water and advance their health. In recognition of this success, in 2017 Gululu was invited to speak at the United Nations about the water initiative.

Philip Wagner, the founder of noted, “Our partnership with Gululu and Monroe Elementary has been incredibly unique and inspiring for our team, as safe water consumption and hydration are so important for early childhood development and overall health. This collaboration with both the private and public sectors is one we look forward to continuing so that we can end the clean water crisis, together!”

The “School-to-School” program began to form in early 2017, after Gululu joined forces with and announced that for every bottle sold, a portion of the revenue would be contributed to building a new water project for a school in Peru, to improve the quality of drinking water for the school’s students. Inspired by Gululu and Monroe Elementary, will launch its official “School-to-School” program in Fall 2018.

Nate Manderfeld, a Monroe School teacher said, “We’re excited to pilot the ‘School-to-School’ program and make a significant impact on children and their community in Peru. This program also allows us to educate our kids about generosity, the value of water, sustainability and how they can impact other people’s lives, which is a lesson I’m sure they will carry throughout their lives.”

Eighty percent of all diseases are caused by a poor water environment, which is greater than the impact of wars and hunger on people’s lives. Lack of clean drinking water has a direct impact on the health and safety of the kids, which has become one of the key obstacles of developing countries to further advance and reform.

Alvin Chiang, founder and CEO of Gululu noted, “As Gululu has committed itself to children’s health, the gene of corporate social responsibility is deeply rooted in our company’s culture, which is also our original aspiration. I hope Gululu can continue to collaborate with and have additional schools in the USA, China and other countries that share the same vision. By raising money for charity through Gululu sales, we help kids in poor areas have access to safe drinking water and we can contribute to solving the problem for communities around the world.”

Upholding the mission of improving children’s health in the world, Gululu has further pushed forward the pace of carrying out corporate social responsibility globally while focusing on solving the problem of drinking safe and clean water for kids in developing countries. For the next step, Gululu is going to systematically carry out more charitable efforts, especially to further promote the innovative “School-to-School” program. This will be done while providing lessons that teach kids and families the importance and effects of good hydration, while cultivating those habits in kids from a young age, using high-tech products of the highest quality for the kids all over the world.

Gululu expects to cooperate with related institutions and humanitarian organizations in all walks of life to create a healthy and safe living environment for the global community and kids who need help.

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