DJ KRYOMAN Launches Record Label to Promote Female Equality

MIAMI / MARCH 17, 2018 – With 17 years in the music industry as a highly successful recording artist, celebrated performer, and EDM influencer, Andrew Moore, AKA “KRYOMAN” is embarking upon a new and exciting endeavor. In conjunction with the highly anticipated release of his new track, “Namaste” featuring Grady Lee on March 19th, Moore will launch his new venture, WOKE Recordings. Beyond the traditional confines of a record label, The Woke Collective is a platform for female artists to release music and get free, unbiased support, from pioneers in the industry.

Given the current climate regarding equality and more specifically, with women’s rights, Andrew Moore felt compelled to create an avenue for change. Realizing much of his success was always intrinsically driven by the amazing and talented women in his life, he was inspired to work on projects centered around empowering and elevating female artists. “Women deserve our help, not because they can’t help themselves, but because no one is giving them a fair shot or even paying attention. We (men) need to bring some awareness and we need to show more support,” said Moore.

The 2018 Grammy’s sparked an internet frenzy of individuals pointing out the sheer lack of female artists being represented. It has been a highly publicized topic that it is considerably more challenging for females to break into an entertainment career than their male counterparts. Knowing that the community fundamentally lacks a safe-haven for new female artists to launch a career, and various decision makers within it are in the throes of countless sexual harassment cases, The Woke Collective began to take shape.

WOKE will collaborate with a multitude of artists to create artistic work that uplifts women and nurtures budding careers. In conjunction with the female empowering content they plan on releasing, WOKE will focus on connecting with artists of all genders to develop new talent, strengthen economic equality, and facilitate a much-needed shift in the industry. Through strategic partnerships with creators, innovators and experts in their various crafts, this label sets the stage for new and exciting industry opportunities. WOKE will have various programs and services to facilitate the growth and development of all artists through celebrating that which makes them unique and special.

Taking this one step further, WOKE has joined forces with the United Nations and will contribute a substantial percentage of their proceeds to UN Women, an organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

“I really believe that empowerment starts with self-love,” added Moore. “If we can make more women feel confident, safe, and supported, think of how incredible our world will be.”

The Woke Collective has not been born to provide a voice for minority artists, but to be the one who cranks up their volume. Through increasing opportunities, providing free guidance and career support, and making waves in an industry desperately in need of a makeover, WOKE hopes to be a platform for evocative change.

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