You Are Good Enough, The Power of Self-Worth January 2018 – Imagine looking in the mirror and thinking; I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, and I am not attractive enough. These are the thoughts that young people struggle with. Having low self esteem can have a negative impact on a person emotionally and mentally. Low self esteem can even keep a person from being social and keeping them from doing activities that they might enjoy. They may also suffer through depression. Low self esteem can be a very lonely experience for a person.

Low self-esteem exist because people haven’t found their self-worth. They look to be validate by strangers and even social media posts. Also, another example that can hurt someone’s self esteem, is when they are bullied about a particular flaw. The person flaws could be from having crooked teeth or weighing more than the average person.

Just about every human have experienced a time in their life where they were not confident in who they were. They felt the need to hide in the shadows of others as they watch life pass them by. Until they realized they deserved more in life. Because they have low self-esteem doesn’t mean it have to stay that way for the rest of their life. There is a way out of feeling less about your self.

One way of helping to gain self love is looking into the mirror and telling yourself all positive things. For an example you can say, “I am strong, I am intelligent, I can do what I put my mind to, and I am attractive.” Speaking those words every day will become you, and believing the words you speak will flourish you into a new person. Be confident in who you are, and love or accept the flaws you have. Lastly, stop caring about what others think about you. Any dreams that you will like to achieve reach for the stars and ignore the negativity of others!

Loving yourself from the start isn’t always an easy thing to do. Every day can be a new struggle that you have to get over. But becoming your best self is dealing with the tough and ugly things that you do carry. Stay in encouraged because no one is in control of your life, but you.

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