Thunderbirds Charities is helping The Miracle League of Arizona Step Up to the Plate for Growth

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (BNtheMix) JANUARY 19, 2018 – Thunderbirds Charities donated $30,000 to Miracle League of Arizona (MLAZ), to help enhance their program in Scottsdale.

The Miracle League, is a nonprofit organization giving individuals with special needs the opportunity to play baseball. With their rapid increase in participation numbers over the last year, it called for support from community. The Thunderbirds responded with a generous $30,000 Grant to the Miracle League.

The Thunderbirds have been a financial supporter of the Miracle League, since 2010. With their support, the Miracle League has added additional leagues, upgraded uniforms, and upgraded the sound system with which they announce the game and play individualized walk up songs for their 300 participants. All these upgrades and expansions might not have been possible without the incredible support from this community partner.

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to play baseball,” said Cassandra Switalski; executive director of the Miracle League. “We want to thank the Thunderbirds for providing the funding for the special needs community, which gives our athletes an experience that prior to this they could only dream about.”

The Miracle League always welcomes new athletes with special needs, starting at the age of four and with no prior baseball knowledge required. The organization also provides a rewarding volunteer experience in the community for those that would like to give back. Volunteers with the program get paired up with the athletes, providing everything from hand over hand assistance to words of encouragement and friendship. Everyone gets the chance to be part of a team, be successful, and have some fun at the Miracle League.

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