Plaid Enterprises Wins Help Heal Veterans Partner of the Year

WINCHESTER, CALIF. – BNtheMix.xom/ JANUARY 20, 2018/ Help Heal Veterans (Heal Vets), a non-profit dedicated to serving military veterans by supplying them with therapeutic craft kits, has chosen Plaid Enterprises as their 2017 Partner of the Year. Plaid has donated over one million dollars in craft supplies to help the veterans that participate in the Heal Vets therapeutic craft kit program. “We are beyond grateful for the extraordinary partnership and large donations that we received from Plaid. Partnerships like this are the reason we are able to distribute over 31,000 craft kits each month. With their help, we’re able to increase the number of veterans served and help them and their families achieve a “new normal.” Craft therapy has a 100 year proven record of helping veterans suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD, by allowing them to reduce stress, create a sense of accomplishment and improve self-esteem,” said CEO, Joe McClain.

To further their impact of the therapeutic craft kits, Heal Vets strives to reduce their costs by designing, manufacturing and distributing many of its own products. Heal Vets provides a 5 to 1 value versus buying something similar in a retail store. All products and services combined have provided more than $552 million in value to the veteran community.

Plaid President and CEO, Mike McCooey said, “We strongly believe in the work that Heal Vets is doing and are proud to support them in any way we can. Through our many years in the craft industry, we have seen first-hand how transformative the act of creating can be in people’s lives. It is our absolute privilege to help support our military veterans in this way.”

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