Fagun Thakrar, Multi-Talented Actress, Writer-Director And Activist, Has Announced The Establishment Of The Fagun Foundation

LOS ANGELES/ BNtheMix.com/ JANUARY 18, 2018 – Multi-talented Fagun Thakrar’s non-profit organization, the Fagun Foundation, officially launches this week. The organization, which is a new movement specifically dedicated to using creativity and arts awareness to empower girls and women of all ages across the globe, already has a global reach, with many programs and events located and scheduled worldwide.

Having experienced the empowering capability of the creative arts herself while studying medicine at the University College London, Fagun knows firsthand what a “life-altering change they can have on someone’s life and their ultimate goals.” Fagun seeks to spread this knowledge and empowerment to women and girls all over the globe, so they too can experience the emboldening possibilities that a dedicated investment in the creative arts can lead to.

The foundation aims to empower girls and women by encompassing them within a supportive community and building a safe space for female self-expression, focusing on the liberating power of the creative arts. The foundation organizes a variety of arts-oriented programs covering multiple creative disciplines, from writing and painting to dancing and acting. These all provide women with countless opportunities to grow, develop and flourish into the strongest individuals they can be.

In addition to their innovative and exciting programs, the foundation has a variety of upcoming global events located in Los Angeles, New York City, London and various other major cities across Europe.

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