Women’s March Chicago to Rally January 20, 2018 in Grant Park

CHICAGO, Dec. 20, 2017 – Women’s March Chicago calls on women and their allies to join “March To the Polls” on January 20, 2018 at Columbus Parkway and Congress Drive, the same location where a broad-based coalition of more than 250,000 turned out for the group’s inaugural march. The inaugural event was part of a coordinated global action. Organizers are planning a similar event this year but with a new focus.

Women’s March Chicago’s “March To the Polls” – in concert with sister marches around the country – will celebrate the year’s active spirit of resistance while mobilizing marchers to prepare for the 2018 elections–national mid-term, state and local. Organizers across Illinois have joined together to plan coordinated actions in Chicago, Springfield and Carbondale to again create a sense of community, and to commit to working the political process, to improve the lives of all Illinois women.

“Now is the time to make our voices heard with our votes,” said Carrie Kiley. “We need to elect lawmakers who will fight for women’s rights and support women’s place in power. In our own communities and across the country, we will show up for one another by demanding better laws and a woman-centered agenda that lifts up all women and their families.”

Marches are planned for more than 80 cities and that number is growing, according to Women’s March Chicago’s Jessica Scheller, a leader of March On (www.wearemarchon.org), a national organization of women’s marches and progressive organizations. Chicago’s “March To the Polls” will feature music and video while marchers assemble and a rally to kick off with speakers at 11 a.m., followed by a short march. A speaker roster and route will be announced in January.

Scheller said the event will feature speakers geared toward women’s participation in elections, a message that will be echoed around the country in what is being described as a “Weekend of Women” on January 20, 2018 – January 21, 2018. A map of actions planned around the Weekend of Women with event details can be found at www.marchonthepolls.org.

Women’s March Chicago http://womens121marchonchicago.org is now a 501c4 organization with an associated 501c3 project promoting intersectional feminism and challenging the political system on issues affecting women. It supports equal rights, equal pay, reproductive justice, affordable healthcare, affordable childcare, racial justice, criminal justice reform, voting rights, freedom from violence, LGBTQ+ rights, immigrant rights, fair wages, access for persons with disabilities, environmental protections and other critical areas of focus.

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