Bravo1Repair Empowers Veterans to Become Entrepreneurs – Through On-Site Mobile Phone Repairs

WHEATON, Md., Dec. 21, 2017 – Bravo1Repair has begun to raise $25,000 through the crowd sourcing site GoFundMe as a way to launch a Smartphone repair business started and run by military veterans. The site is now up and running and can accessed at:

“I’m trying to raise enough money to buy an existing mobile repair truck that I’ll use to make on-site repairs to Smartphones and tablets. As a veteran of the first Gulf war, I’m going to hire out-of-work veterans and train them to have a skill for which they can make a living wage,” said Eddie Baptiste, owner of Bravo1Repair. “I’m happy to see communities reach out to help veterans. I’m even happier to help them obtain a skill that will serve them the rest of their lives.”

Bravo1Repair was started by Mr. Baptiste to capitalize on the insatiable need to repair smartphones and tablets. Over $6,000,000,000 is spent every year in the USA to repair broken phones and tablets. The most common repair is a broken screen, which can be fixed for around $90. Currently, 99% of all repairs are done at a store or Kiosk in a mall or retail center. Bravo1Repair hopes to pioneer the on-site repair business by offering a complete array of services at the owner’s home or business.

Bravo1Repair’s long term goal is to get the first truck up and running and then franchise the business to other veterans.

Bravo1Repair has the first truck under contract for $15,000. They hope to raise a total of $25,000 in donations, the balance of which would go to supplies, marketing and training to get the first truck in use. “The first truck is the hardest to get going. We have to prove the concept before any bank is willing to take a risk on us and lend us money,” says Mr. Baptiste. I’m hoping the generosity that I see every day towards Vets will extend to help me get this business off the ground.”

Bravo1Repair has a great opportunity to buy a $40,000 truck for $15,000. The truck is fully operational and ready to go to work. It comes complete with its own power source and is completely vinyl wrapped on the outside to advertise its ability to repair Smartphones and tablets on-site. The truck is being reduced in price as a donation to Bravo1Repair to help them get the business off the ground.

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