Rev Jessie Jackson Jr Rainbow Push’s Annual Meeting of the Global Automotive Industry

October 6, 2017 – Reverend Jessie Jackson Jr. and the Rainbow Push organization, continue to be resilient and relevant especially when it comes to helping MBEs to find business opportunity in key business segments; such as the automotive sector. The Global Automotive Summit annually brings top level executives, especially, in Purchasing, HR and Diversity; as well as some of their agency service providers to the MGM Grand Detroit to meet, engage and do business with MBEs and the media. This is a great opportunity for MBEs to gain real insight into the business opportunities and connectivity with the Global Automotive Brands.

The conference theme this year is “Expanding the Scale and Scope for Ethnic Minority Inclusion.”
Over 500 automotive executives, entrepreneurs, suppliers, dealers, consumers, government and elected officials, advertising agencies, automotive manufacturers, media outlets, technology, and others will convene to discuss strengthening and creating opportunities in the automotive industries for people of color. It is believed that when the rules are public and the goals are clear, we will have a chance to win in economic justice.

This year most of the world’s Automotive Brands below the Ultra luxury level will participate in or at least help to fund, as a sponsor, the Global Automotive Summit; including Ford, Mercedes Benz, Cadillac, Fiat Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan and more. Automotive brand representatives last year were very open and honest in answering questions and offering the help they could provide to the MBE participants seeking to do business with their companies. Additionally, many participating MBE’s which are already doing businesses with some of the Auto Brands were very open to sharing their experiences and successes.

Additionally, awards are given to Auto Brands which have reached success milestones, in diversity and inclusion, by doing business with MBEs.

Students, who have been awarded scholarships funded by sponsoring Auto Brands are showcased in an awards ceremony. The awarded students are pursuing academic programs of potential benefit to the automotive industry; at colleges and universities nationwide.

The Global Automotive Summit, also provide some great networking and social options. Then there is the ‘Comeback City of the Century’, Detroit, to be enjoyed. Detroit has some really reasonable hotel rates. For additional information and to register go online to or contact the Rainbow PUSH Automotive Project, (313) 842-3883,

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