Paris maybe following in Michael’s footsteps with Charity Work

Paris Jackson is known for dressing down, like a homeless person. While many may see it as poor taste or youthful exuberance, there might be another angle to it.

Her father, Michael Jackson supported many charity causes when he was alive, including those for the homeless. During the famine period of the 1980s in Africa, he held a big fundraiser for hungry people- We Are The World.

Some of his charity activities still live in after his death, like Heal The World and the 20% donation to charity from the profits of the Michael Jackson franchises.

Amidst his compassion and generosity to many, Michael Jackson had a soft spot for homeless people. Many who were close to him revealed this after his death. His mother, Katherine Jackson for example, said that her son used to give $300 or more to homeless people when driving by.

Michael Jackson’s guards recalled an event in which their boss gave $300 to a homeless woman in Las Vegas, and another homeless man tried to take it from her. Michael Jackson gave the man $300 also, and the woman burst into tears. That evening, they drove around giving $100 to the homeless in Las Vegas.

The guards said that Michael Jackson later explained to them that giving to those people was simply amazing and it was unfair that the poor people had to sleep on the streets while the country was so rich.

A friend of the family recently revealed that Michael Jackson’s children hope to make their father proud, doing the good things that he did.

Prince Jackson who is studying at LMU for a business degree has been active in his Heal LA charity which he has centered in the homeless.

The Heal LA charity and another charity organization partnered together to raise money for outgrown foster children, who are at the risk of becoming homeless.

In a recent interview in another project, A Sense of Home, Prince Jackson revealed that living up to his father’s image was a huge task for him because he does not have the entertainment skills of his father. But he believes that he can surpass his father by his involvement in charity.

Paris Jackson’s penchant for dressing like a homeless person could be a statement that she is involved in a charity for the homeless, and if Michael Jackson were alive, he would see his daughter’s dressing as a contribution to the publicity of his homeless charities.

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