Nicki Minaj unveils yet another charity project

Nicki Minaj has outdone herself again as she takes her royal vigor off the stage right into philanthropy. The Queen of Rap should as well be called the Queen of philanthropy. She shared on Instagram, a charity project she had kept under wraps which further shows the humility of this world changer.

It’s amazing how someone as busy as Nicki could make out time for the needy. She shared a post of her financial contributions towards a project in India. The members of this undisclosed community have been supplied with items that meet their daily needs and water wells. One would think that the rapper has to be taking a break from music to be able to achieve all these but that’s not the case for Nicki. She has figured a way to balance her philanthropy with making new music, nothing else but sheer hard work.
Nicki’s post describes the many benefits the village in India has gotten from her donations.
“Over the last couple of years, this hamlet in India have gotten a Reading program, a Tailoring Institute, 2 Water Wells, and a Computer Center from my financial contributions to them through my Pastor Lydia Sloley.”

All who know Nicki Minaj know how concerned she is about women’s right and how serious she has taken it in time past. So it’s quite admirable that she backs her statements and opinions with actions. Her music has fed our souls for long but her selflessness just about blew us away. Nicki Minaj has always urged her followers to never drop out of school, to seek education but it came has a total surprise to us when she started giving out money to this effect.

Fans of the rapper who claimed they had difficulties paying their college fees requested for her help and without so much as asking for proofs to back up their claims, Nicki began giving money out to them. She is said to have given out thousands of dollars online to help her fans!

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