Global Movement Leader Demonstrates a New Model Where Anybody Can Change the World

SAN FRANCISCO, June , 2017 — The global anti-slavery movement, fueled by former musician and Made in a Free World CEO Justin Dillon, has engaged over 30 million people, freed thousands of slaves, improved laws and strengthened corporate supply chains. He now invites a new generation of unlikely heroes to rise from the periphery and make a difference with his book, A Selfish Plan to Change the World.

With inspiring stories—from investigating child slavery in India to working with Wall Street titans—the book provides a practical “self-help others” guide to changing the world.

Known as a disruptive innovator for good, Dillon challenges readers to embrace a new perspective about change—one that sidelines altruism and is deeply personal. “Everything you’re passionate about and good at can be leveraged to improve society, while also addressing your need for meaning and purpose,” Dillon says. “Throughout history, the greatest movements of change have been based on a win-win philosophy. We find ourselves when we give ourselves away.”

In his book, Dillon explains that everyone has a “rock dream”, the thing they are good at, which can be used to discover their “soul dream”, the thing they are uniquely meant to do. Dillon found his “rock dream” at a U2 concert nearly 30 years ago when he was inspired to be a musician—and that journey came full circle at the 2017 Joshua Tree concert as he reflected on how music led him to his place in one of the most influential human rights movements of the 21st century.

“I’m a product of the investment that U2 and the ONE Campaign made in telling a generation their voice mattered,” said Dillon. “I want people to know that deep inside of them, there is a riot for good waiting to be awakened, and that they don’t have to ask permission to change the world because they are already authorized. They’re exactly what the world needs, especially in today’s political and social climates.”

Jamie Drummond, co-founder of ONE campaign, hopes Dillon’s book will inspire more people, calling it “a brilliant work on finding your riot, diving into uncertainty, and coming out on the other side with a life full of purpose and meaning.”

Jacquelline Fuller, President of and Google Foundation agrees. “Dillon channels the heart cry of a generation who wants to live lives of meaning and hope, but don’t know how. He invites us to consider how in giving we will gain, and to join a global tribe of doers, not talkers.”
A Selfish Plan to Change the World received rave reviews as a “must read” for graduates, and as an instructive guide to meaningful lives by leaders of some of the world’s most influential nonprofits, social good experts, corporate executives, and best-selling authors. Visit

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