Cody Walker Promotes His Late Brother’s Charity Organization

The brother of the late Paul Walker, “Cody Walker” has arrived Australia. His visit is aimed at raising money for his late brother’s charity. This will be carried out with the use of some events that will go on almost simultaneously with the Premier of the latest fast and furious series, “The Fate of the Furious”.

The events targeted at raising money for Paul Walker’s charity will take place across three different cities in Australia. They are Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. The charity organization aims at providing mobile first-aid after the occurrence of humanitarian crises and natural disasters across the globe. Prior to now, the organization was completely funded by Paul Walker.

According to Cody Walker, Paul Walker never sought recognition for his charity work. A lot of people knew Paul Walker to be a big movie star as well as a car person. However, beyond that, he was a philanthropist, a people lover, and an ocean lover.

The late Hollywood star’s brother believes his charity organization is an important legacy and must continue. Other members of his family believe so too. Reach Out Worldwide was partly responsible for the providing relief to victims of natural disasters in Chile, Haiti, Indonesia, Nepal and the Philippines. This was made possible because they sent small teams to assist larger disaster relief bodies.

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