Turning A Touch Times to Help Women In Distress

In the modern world, we contend with very many emotional and psychological issues that are mostly triggered by turbulent relationships with women being the most affected. It is not uncommon to hear of distressed marriages and divorced families as it is becoming increasingly rampant in our time. Statistically, there is one divorce every 26 seconds in America with over 2400 divorce daily. The disconcerting pervasiveness of broken homes and failed marriages in America does not mean that one can get use to these things.

Regardless of how common divorce is, one can never get used to it. Divorce still remains a very distasteful experience and a seemingly insurmountable challenge for many with significant levels of emotional, psychological and in other cases financial stress.

Real Housewives of New York cast member Bethenny Frankel, converts the emotional struggle from her divorce into empowerment for women who face a similar distressing challenge of a bitter divorce. Bethenny Frankel collaborated with ‘Dress for success’ an international charity that encourages women to be economically independent to create B Strong: Find Your Yes program that is directed at helping women who are going through the ordeals of a divorce, emotional turbulence and financial difficulties.

Frankel experienced a very bitter divorce with confrontations in court and the emotional torment of having to live in an unreceptive atmosphere with hoppy. While the acrimonious divorce has had a very profound impact on Frankel who struggles to recover from the emotional and financial ramifications of the divorce she has demonstrated a remarkable level of strength and has decided to extend support to many women who are faced with a similar situation by being a voice that helps them overcome the agonizing aftermath of an acrimonious divorce. Frankel divulged how she hoped for a harmonious divorce but got a starkly different experience. Frankel wants to use the “Be strong” program to empower countless number of women who experience a similar situation by offering unequivocal support that helps them weather the storm.

Her situation became a motivation for the creation of the charity that is targeted at women in abusive relationships that are frustrated and women that in a financial quagmire.

The reach of the charity program which is scheduled to begin next year, is very inclusive with operations expected to cover 21 countries. The charity would provide monetary assistance to women that are disadvantage with training for Dress for Success Professional Women’s Group. The charity would help women through intimidating life situations with the goal of empowering women to handle emotional difficulties.

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