Komal Rizvi Singer, Song Writer, Social Impact

Komal Rizvi was born 3 August 1981 in Dubai, but raised in England and Nigeria. Komal Rizvi is a Singer, Song writer, Actress and TV Show Host. She started her career in the entertainment industry at the age of 16. Komal was a part of Coke Studio’s third season where she performed Daaneh Pe Daanah with folk singer Akhtar Chanal. These days, Komal is gracing another stage, a stage where a difference can be made. Komal`s charitable and social responsible endeavors could not go unnoticed.

Here`s an exclusive interview with Komal Rizvi on ‘Celebrity Social Responsibility’

Please tell us, how and when did you started focusing on charitable efforts/organizations?

Okay, it has been on my mind for a while and has also played in my mind over and again, but It was two years ago I decided to face it and give it my all. It all started during Ramadan, seeing so many people coming to our doorstep, where my parents have been providing free Iftar (is the evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset) for years now. Somehow, it just struck a chord, seeing all those people eagerly waiting for food that we take for granted. Since then, I shifted my focus towards charitable causes.

In some cases, it has been observed that some celebrities use charity for personality enhancement or to get something in return. In what way or ways have you used it to impact people’s lives positively?

I really don`t care about getting anything in return at all if it doesn`t help the cause. If my celebrity status can be used to somehow benefit a child and his education, I will squeeze it to the max. I truly believe that those who are blessed are going through a test just as much as those who are struggling. In fact, being blessed is probably a bigger test.

What are you supporting presently?

The major challenge we face in Pakistan is the mindset of its people, education level and exposure. We stand as one of the most charitable, talented, intelligent and gifted nations in the world. All we truly just need is to be more educated in our approach, a better mindset, tolerance, and being open to different possibilities.

If I can educate a child, it will change his entire generation! Every drop will make a difference.

What is the impact of celebrity social responsibility?

It honestly depends on how ‘big’ the celebrity is, trustworthy, and how motivated the celebrity is. But as celebrities, we do need to take time out to help the less privileged. It should be the duty of every person who is capable.

What would you like to tell the world with regards to contributing towards charitable efforts?

If you ever need to feel truly at peace and content, just help someone without any self-enhancing agenda. I promise you your day will be awesome!

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