Soules And No Kid Hungry

Finding a genuine and altruistic cause that meets the needs of disadvantaged people and the less privileged in the society often creates one of the most uplifting experiences and can be particularly relevant in improving the conditions and lives of people which often translates into a better society. It is becoming increasingly widespread to find celebrities and other well-meaning members of the society who are dedicated to a charitable cause in the form of partnering with a charity, donations or the establishment of foundations and so on. While there have been many charitable efforts directed at many underprivileged people in the society, there still remains a lot of charitable work to be done and millions of lives to be reached in the quest to make the world a better place.

One of such remarkable charitable efforts that continue to affect lives of children is championed by Former star of “The Bachelor” Charles Soules who has dedicated efforts towards uplifting the conditions of hungry kids. Through a collaborative effort with Farmland and No Kid Hungry, Charles Soules continues to be devoted to his passion of reaching out to less privileged kids with the goal of improving their conditions by eradicating hunger. Charles Soules has demonstrated an unrelenting passion for this cause which he describes as “near and dear” to his heart and continues to reach out to hungry children through this charity.

Charles Soules who is a farmer has always been passionate about reaching out to the world through food. However, he is disappointed by the disconcerting a fact that there are many hungry children in America. Statistically, the number of hungry kids in America remains unacceptable to Charles Soules who is enthusiastically dedicated to The Farmland Fights Hunger campaign by donating 25cents of every farmland product sold which would accrue to a whopping $100000; this would be channeled to providing nutritious food for hungry children in the society. Charles Soules remains committed to improving the welfare of hungry children in America with joint efforts with the Farmland Fights Hunger campaign.

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