Cargill Offers Support In The Fight Against Hunger

Undeniably, America has one of the most robust economies in the world with an accelerated rate of technological advancement and an incontestable reputation as the world super power. The gross domestic production of America which was set at 17947 billion US dollars in 2015 is a clear reflection of the economic might of the great country which has been reinforced by its inextricable relevance in global politics.

While the aforementioned holds true, the disconcerting contrast remains that, one in six Americans which translates to more than 48 million people experience hunger. About 17 million Americans and 8.2 million children live in even worse conditions, experiencing extremely low food security and inadequate nutritional diets. The reason for this anomaly in the United States is largely inexplicable as food wastage in America is commensurately high.

In response to this aberration, Cargill has taken an unprecedented step in the fight against hunger and malnutrition in America by offering $3 million to one of the biggest hunger relief organizations in America, Feeding America. This donation would inevitably expand the operations and efforts of feeding America in a number of ways that would help alleviate the austere condition of hunger and malnutrition in affected communities. The donation is expected to help enhance circulation of food, while sensitizing people on the ideal nutrition. Additionally, fruits and vegetables which are lacking in most homes would be provided.

One of the biggest impediments to the availability of a wide variety of food particularly fruits and vegetables that constitute an essential part of diet can be attributed to 6billion tons of food that goes to waste annually. In the bid to combat this challenge, Cargill’s financial assistance which is highly targeted at creating regional cooperative centers that would facilitate the efficient distribution of food while making vegetables and fruits which has previously been a challenge for most families readily available at relatively low cost all-round the year. This initiative would lessen the extent of food wastage while improving living conditions of people.

The remarkable contribution of Cargill to eradicating the scourge of hunger and malnutrition in America has been gallantry with an irrevocable commitment to ensuring innovative and strategic food storage, and distribution while providing nourishment to countless number of disadvantaged families. The collaborative efforts between Cargill and feeding America adopt a complementary approach towards addressing the challenge of hunger with purposeful implementation of groundbreaking methods that would foster sustainable food availability.

Feeding America is an American is a non-profit organization with an expansive coverage of food banks that is targeted toward s combating the scourge of hunger. In the discharge this selfless service that contributes invaluably to sustaining over 46million Americans, the need for support and partnership becomes imperative. Feeding America, through the support from charities, well-meaning individuals, and the corporate world has been able to vigorously pursue the attainment of the audacious task of providing hunger relief and nutritional diet to affected homes in America. Cargill is a private corporation that specializes in food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services globally. Cargill’s collaboration with Feeding America has touched the lives of millions of disadvantaged homes in America by mitigating hunger and expanding the availability of nutritional food options.

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