Cam Is Also #1 Off The Field

Whether you are a Cam Newton fan or not he has energized the NFL since coming into the league. With this electric play, daring fashion style and movie like smile, Cam has been a leader on and off the field.

The “Cam Newton Foundation” philanthropic organization has been committed to enhancing the lives of young people by addressing their socio-economic, educational, physical and emotional needs.

Aptly named after the number “1” that he bears on his jersey, the Foundation has three key focus’: “Every 1 Learns,” supporting educational programs; “Every 1 Plays,” supporting athletic programs; and “Every 1 Gives,” encompassing community service, holiday outreach, and charitable giving programs. Because of Newton’s associations with the Charlotte market (where he plays football) and the Atlanta market (where he went to high school), the Foundation’s efforts are most specifically focused in these geographical areas.

The foundation receives support through the usual sources of fan support, volunteer efforts, fundraising events, and private investments. But Newton has also used his corporate partnerships and endorsements to leverage their revenue streams, in order to give back to these children. Of course, in turn, companies like Under Armour, Belk, Gatorade, GMC, Beats by Dre and Dannon are all able to get better access to the key 13- to 25-year-old demographic, which Newton’s foundation and on-the-field appeal is most appealing to.

The foundation has clearly made an impact of the community. In November 2015 they fed nearly 900 Charlotte-area children, in a joint effort with the Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina’s Kids Café Program and other non-profit organizations supporting at-risk children, in an event called “Cam’s Thanksgiving Jam.” Before Newton personally served food to many of the children himself, he led the kids in a “dab” competition; it was the dance move that originated in Newton’s home town of Atlanta, which he made even more famous with his touchdown celebrations during his MVP campaign in 2015.

One thing about Cam is that he does not stop. In December 2016, Cam made the day of 10-year old Taylor Austin Deckard. Taylor who has a serious heart condition was in the children’s hospital and was visited by the league’s reigning MVP. This holiday season Cam gave $100,000 in toys to children in need. You can always find Newton giving back.

Whether it’s working with a group of kids, feeding the homeless or donating his time, Cam is all in. Newton actively ideates, contributes, and participates in his Foundation’s efforts. That’s why he’s one of the most popular athletes, on-and-off the field, in the NFL today.

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